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What can Johnny Reynolds do for you?

Book Johnny NOW for your next event, conference or retreat.  His programs are built to educate, inspire and motivate with a very engaging and entertaining feel.  He combines powerful personal stories with strategy, humor and facts to evoke thought and positive change in the audience.

His programs are GUARANTEED to make you look at the importance of your self-worth and the role we play in obtaining and sustaining the kinds of healthy relationships we desire both personally and professionally.



Level Of Vital Expectations – 3 Ways to Achieve the Type of Relationship Outcomes You Desire

No matter who you are at some point in life it will become essential to have the ability to establish quality relationships with people who can impact our lives.   When conducting business it is essential to know how to achieve successful outcomes.  In our personal lives the goal of any relationship should be to make it a successful one.  We all set out to have friendships, business relationships, personal relationships etc.  However, too often we don’t go into these relationships with the proper expectations causing the relationships to fail.  The easy part is entering into a relationship, the hard part is how do we stay there and ensure that the relationship is successful.  This program provides an easy to understand road map on how to approach situations with the right expectations to achieve better results in the relationships we choose to pursue.  You will learn how to establish a great L.O.V.E. Life that will guide you going forward.  When you leave, the next time someone asks you “How’s Your L.O.V.E Life?”  You’ll be able to confidently say, “Mine’s GREAT, how’s yours?”


Couples Retreat – Purpose & Mission

The purpose of a couple’s getaway is to create lasting memories and unforgettable experiences so that after the retreat has ended, the Love is even stronger than when you arrived.  Our Keeping Your Relationship Spectacular retreats are designed to educate and inspire couples to ensure success in their relationship.  We approach the retreat in a fun and engaging way so that couples are comfortable sharing and working together.  In addition to the retreat exercises and learning about things, couples can enjoy the facilities where they can have intimate time together, elegant dining experiences, along with other activities.  We all make choices every day, so why not choose to put you and your mate first and make Keeping Your Relationship Spectacular a priority.  Because anyone can get together, but the magic is in STAYING together.

“People can’t exceed your expectations if they don’t know what you expect in the first place.” – Johnny “The Love Dr. Reynolds”

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